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Black Star Riders Cardiff 24 Oct 19


Finally, after two weeks of waiting, the Black Star Riders ‘Another State of Grace’ tour stormed into Cardiff. With Stone Broken and Wayward Sons supporting them, it was bound to be a fantastic night....More

Massive Wagons + Support 13 Oct 2019


Swansea is on fire when it comes to live music at the moment. the Patti pavilion hosts yet another great 4 band evening... More

Lethargy + Support 12 Oct 2019


Once again, we are at the Patti Pavilion in Swansea for a 4 band bill of local talent, presented by Big Day Productions. Lethargy headline a 4 band bill....More

Steelhouse Awayday - Bernie Marsden


Headlined by the Steelhouse favourite, legendary Bernie Marsden, it was no surprise that the show was all but a sell out. Three tickets left, I heard ...More

Bigfoot Farewell


Some months ago, Bigfoot announced that they were ending their days as a band. They put together a ‘final tour’...More

Geoff Tate


Geoff Tate has played in South Wales several times recently, and his Operation Mindcrime was the perfect choice as the first gig in the newly refurbished venue. ...More

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