Deever - You Need this Release date 1 February 2019


The long awaited debut album from DeeVer ‘You Need This’ is due for release on 1st February 2019. It is aptly named - you absolutely do need this album in your collection. It is hard-hitting rock with serious punk undertones but is well crafted and a delight to listen to. 

DeeVer have come a long way since they were formed in early 2017 and have had some high profile festival appearances, including Planet Rock’s Winters End in 2018 and ComMUNIon of Rock later in the same year, as well as a significant number of live gig appearances.

With three singles already released, and seeing them live a few times, some of the tracks are familiar, and it is great to hear their music  finally recorded.

 Opening up the album is ‘Fire at Will’. This was the first track we heard from the band, not long after they formed, and was a clear statement of intent to be a force to be recked with. It is a solid, catchy start to the album It is followed by the second single, ‘All Come Running’ which keeps your attention with its dark, haunting lyrics and will have you singing along in no time at all. On lead vocals, Will does a great job with his clean, versatile voice. This is one of the tracks that shows some heavy Muse influences.

The third single ‘Alright’ brings riffs and guitar solos a-plenty as Billy’s voice powers out the lyrics laid over some thunderous drumming. The talents of the four musicians shines through.

The pace slows down for the start of ‘ Not Back Down’, but just as you start to wonder if we going to get a ballad here, it crashes into yet another powerfully emotive song with some aggressive guitar work.


The second half of the album kicks off with the bands live ‘sing-along’ track, ‘Waves’. The drumming is fast and heavy, the guitar work intricate and complex. Vocally, it is superb. Next up is one of our favourite tracks, ‘Parachute’ , with its fabulous harmonies and backing vocals. It is one of those tracks with everything - heavy drums, screaming guitars and not so subtle bass lines that are a joy to hear. This track has mainstream written all over it. Radio 2 - Housewives Choice perhaps?

The forthcoming single ‘Only Enemy’ has one of the best guitar solos on the album, and will have you singing along throughout with its melodious lyrics and ‘We Are’ follows along the same lines. Both are brilliantly put together.

The penultimate track, ‘Jim’ is one written from Billy’s own life experiences, and is very poignant, even with its upbeat style. His distinctive vocals underpinned by finely crafted guitar work and a rhythm section worthy of high praise.

As the album draws to a close, we are treated to another ‘Muse’ influenced track ‘ I am the Cavalry’ - in some ways very similar to earlier tracks, but its staccato tempo leaves room for the bands own style to shine through.

This is a brilliant album. DeeVer has a great sound that puts a modern twist on classic rock. It is made for the 21st century rock music fan. The band are so obviously doing what they want - writing and performing music that pleases them, and they are doing it well. They are a band that is fresh - heavy, but most definitely British. This is a band that we hope will go places. They deserve to, with their debut album being so damn great.

DeeVer are:

Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor – Vocals / Guitar

Phil Appleton – Bass / Vocals

Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins – Drums / NOT Vocals

Stevie Stoker – Guitar / Vocals

Check them out at:

DeeVer also have their own YouTube channel