Jared James Nichols + Support Muni, Pontypridd 1 Sept 2018


Jared James Nichols was scheduled to appear at the Muni as support to Stone Broken on their tour earlier this year, but the weather beat him. He was unable to return to the UK when the show was rescheduled, but kept his promise and worked this one headline show into his September tour supporting LA Guns. With four bands on the bill, the doors opened early and the South Wales hottest venue readied itself for another night of excellent live music.



First band to take their places was Ethyrfield, a young 3 piece band from Devon. they got this slot having been chosen during an online pole by the New Wave of Classic Rock (NWOCR) facebook community. They are very young, ranging age from 14 to 18, but their talents far exceed their youthfulness. They have a full sound, and a big talent and with Tony Iommi as a mentor, these guys should have a big future. They are already showing huge potential with an appearance at this years Bloodstock festival, and other appearances lined up. Playing a set of their own tracks, from their debut self titled EP and adding a couple of new songs which Zach admitted were their first public performance. Keep an eye out 

for this band - they will be huge.

Ethyrfield are:

Zach Cornish  Bass/Lead Vocals

Ben Cornish  Guitar/Vocals

Dan Ashton Drums





Scarlet Rebels

The second band on tonights packed schedule was Scarlet Rebels - previously known as V0id, whom we have seen a couple of times before.

They are melodic and have beautifully crafted songs to entertain the now growing crowd. The local 5 piece band combine to create multi level melodies, and give a great sound. Having 3 guitars on stage gives a full sound, and Chris Jones on lead guitar has a talent rarely seen. With new music in the pipeline they treated the Pontypridd crowd to a few new tracks as well as some of their oldermusic, all of which was enjoyed by the crowd. 

Scarlet Rebels are

Wayne Doyle Vocals/Guitar

Gary Doyle  Drums

Wayne ‘P’ Edmonde Bass

Chris Jones Lead Guitar

Josh Townsend  Guitar





Buffalo Summer

The South Wales local theme continued with Buffalo Summer, who never fail to bring the party atmosphere with their bluesy rock and easy going stage presence. Musically these guys are hugely talented, and with their tight rhythm section supporting the rifftastic guitar and smooth vocals, they are a tight, passionate band. They are all excellent musicians topped off with the huge vocal talent of Andrew Hunt - once again I am surprised that they are not playing their music to crowds of thousands, rather than the couple of hundred that are in the venue tonight. 

Playing a number of songs from their 2 albums ‘Buffalo Summer’ and ‘Second Sun’ and also new songs from their next release they entertained the crowd. Johnny holds the audience in the palm of his hand as he delivers the crunching solos. All too soon, they finish their set and the stage is set for the highlight of the night.

Buffalo Summer are

Andrew Hunt Vocals

Darren King Bass

Jonny Williams Guitar

Gareth Hunt Drums




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Jared James Nichols

Headliner Jared James Nichols takes to the stage on his only UK headline show in the current tour to loud cheers, ably supported by Gregg Cash and Dennis Holm. Taking a night off from their slot supporting LA Guns, Jared has made a welcome return to Wales. From the opening notes of the first song it was clear to see the quality of musicianship on show. The previous bands were great but these three guys just raised the bar. 

Jared talks to the crowd, who enjoy every moment he is on stage. Chats - saying he intended ‘throwing these guys a few curved balls’ - indicating that this was going to be a show like no other. For nearly 90 minutes, he covered the Muni with his sublime guitar work, his amazing voice and showed us a talent as big as the stage he covered. Unlike many other blues guitarists, he played just one guitar all night, his fingers making it create sounds crafted from the heart of a musical genius.

Playing tracks from his current album ‘Black Magic’, he mixed up the set with a couple of amazing cover songs including ‘ Mississippi Queen’ inviting the mesmerised crowd to join in some of the more familiar tracks. 

Much to the joy of those watching, he was joined on stage by The Bad Flowers bassist Dale Tonks - himself having been a huge hit in Wales at the rescheduled Stone Broken show as well as their set at Steelhouse Festival. As Gregg watched from the side of the stage, we were treated to an amazing and unexpected cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘N.I.B’ which had the Pontypridd crowd entranced. 

As curfew approached, he thanked us all for coming out, and eventually gave in to the demands and gave us a hugely popular rendition of ‘Voodoo Chile’ before stepping off the front of the stage to head to the back of the hall to meet as many of us as he could.

Jared James Nichols band are

Jared James Nichols  Guitar/Vocals

Gregg Cash  Bass

Dennis Holm  Drums



This was another fabulous night of live rock music at the Muni. Every band on the bill gave it their all, thanks not just the audience for coming out to see them, but also thanked NWOCR for their support in helping put the gig together and supporting new rock music.