Those Damn Crows - St Austell, 25 Aug 2018


In a small Cornish town, a small venue prepared to give a big welcome to South Wales hottest band - Those Damn Crows, and GigPigs were there to see it. The Band Club opened its doors early, and a few of us who had travelled to St Austell for the show were welcomed in, as the Crows were setting up their gear. It was obvious they were looking forward to the gig, and it seems that this was the first time one or two of the band had ventured that far south.



It is a small venue, but was pretty full by the time the support band, TAYN, came onto the small stage. TAYN are a four piece local band who had a good following in the room. Their music has some strong Sabbath influences, and the have a great stage presence. With just a few gigs under their belt, they have the look of a band with a great future. Look out for their EP which is due to be released later this year.


Those Damn Crows

After a short break giving everyone a chance to get their glasses re-filled, it was soon time for the main event. We have seen the Crows many times, and knew that they would be ready to give the Cornish crowd a good show. Taking up their familiar positions on stage, they kick off the set with ‘Don’t Give a Damn’ - Shane’s clear, distinctive vocals instantly drawing the crowd nearer the stage. The familiar songs echoed round the room as people cheered, danced and sang along. The Crows give us an hour of meaty rock with riffs and hooks flowing across the room as the five of them exchange jokes unspoken but it is obvious that they are enjoying. They are a tight group, and get tighter every time we see them. Every song goes down well, and they all settle in, playing to their new-found fans. ‘Blink of an Eye’ is a favourite of mine, with Lloyds deep bass tones and Ronnie’s stunning drumming giving the guitar work of Shiner and Dave a great platform. The song, as always, closes with Dave and Shiner, face to face, with their poignant riff. Shane laughingly tells us that they are going to do 3 new songs, that we should all turn our cameras off - in case it doesn’t go according to plan. I don’t know why he worried - it sounded pretty good to us!

Those Damn Crows are: 

Shane Greenhall - Vocals

Ian "Shiner" Thomas - Guitar

Lloyd Wood - Bass

Ronnie Huxford - Drums

David Winchurch - Guitar

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With a strict curfew, the set was over all too soon. Without doubt, they gained many new fans. They are shortly out on tour with the Bad Flowers and Federal Charm, and with the album launch in early October, they have a lot to look forward to. For sure, they have a very bright future ahead of them.