Bigfoot + Support Aberdare 7 Sept 2019

Some months ago, Bigfoot announced that they were ending their days as a band. They put together a ‘final tour’ and Big Day Productions were tasked with promoting the ‘last welsh gig’. Originally, it was to have been held in Hobos, Bridgend, but a late notice decision by the venue led to the gig being moved to Jacs.

With a couple of bars in the venue, a good selection of beer, and great overnight accommodation for the headline band, it was a decision that worked out well for most people. Three local bands supporting the headliners who traveled from the North West of England.

The first band on the bill was ‘Tribeless’ - A local three piece rock band. They had a great crowd to open the night with a set that brings the room to life. People who were standing chatting, or drinking beer stop to watch and listen as these three young people give us 30 mins of expressive melodic rock and more than justify being one of Planet Rock ’s ‘Ones to Watch’. they’ve had their single, ‘Angels’ played on both Planet Rock and Radio Wales and the video can be seen here. they have a great vibe and an up-coming band that we’d like to see going places.

Lydia McDonald - Vocals

Max Rhead - Drums, vocals

Latif Bryant - Guitar, vocals

Foreigners Son followed them on the small stage. Individually, the band members are quite experienced - with both Sam (drums) and Jack (guitar) being band mates with Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters, Jack moving on to Kane’d. 

They have only had a few gigs together but have a confident feel to them with Katy Dear (No Glory) on vocals. The band mess together well, and Jack has some great solo's in their somgs.

Despite only being together as a band for a fe months, they have already got an EP nearing completion. Katy has a great ‘rock voice’ and clearly enjoys showing off her talents on stage. T

his is another band that you need to check out when you can!

Katy Dear - Vocals

Jack JD Davies - Guitar

Sam Brain - Drums

Sam Hermanis - Bass

Additional Information

Unsurprisingly, the main support, ‘Ravenbreed’ have had some impressive live reviews since they formed early in 2018. 

We haven’t seen them for some months, and it was brilliant to see how much they have developed in that time. They have been fortunate to get a lot of gigs that are getting them seen and heard in the live music scene and their EP ‘Hollowed” is definitely one to get hold of. 

Zoey Allen (Vocals) is great out front, delivering her catchy lyrics with power and finesse. The band are heavy and their music is full of hooks and riffs. 

The venue was pretty full by this time, and the crowd reaction was enthusiastic.

Zoey Allen Vocals, 

Ross Formosa - Bass, vocals

Oli Watkins - Drums, 

Mikey Watkins - Guitar, vocals

Finally it was time for the main event. Bigfoot filled the stage. We have been lucky to see them as many times as we have, are always struck by just how good they are, and tonight, our thoughts are how sad it is that they have decided to call it a day. 

Individually, they are superbly talented and the twin guitars of Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh are matched tonight by their verbal sparring. With an hour set packed with familiar songs, the crowd sang every word of every song back to them -Sean Seabrook (Vocals) engaging with them as they do. 

The rhythm section of Tom Aspinall  (Drums) and Matt Avery (Bass) somehow holding them altogether and as Micl and Sam give us solo's and riffs in every son, we are  given one of the best shows I have seen from the band.

They disappear from the stage at the end of ‘The Fear’, as the beer fuelled crowd yell for more. Tom returns first - to find a new drum kit on stage - one more suited to a small child than someone of his stature, but at least it matched the guitars that Mick and Sam returned with.

It had been a set full of high jinks and shenanigans , and by the time they had finished their encore, sprits were high by punters and bands alike. Every one had good things to say about all four bands, but, rightly so, the headliners were the band of the night. We will miss them, but, I am sure that we will see them again - maybe not together as Bigfoot, but with that much talent, they can’t deprive us, surely?!

Sean Seabrook - Vocals

Sam Millar - Guitar

Mick McCullagh - Guitar

Matt Avery - Bass

Tom Aspinall - Drums