Idlewar + Excursia + Scarsun

Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff 24 November 2018

The Orange County CA. based heavy rock trio, Idlewar, had been on a tour of the UK, and the Cardiff gig was the final night before returning home. Its a couple of years since we’d seen them, but we really like their new album, Fractured, released on October 2018. Fuel Rock Club was busy - it had been packed out earlier for a live showing of a rugby match, and the waiting crowd were ready to rock when local youngsters, Excursia, took to the stage after quick sound checks.

It had been a few months since we saw them, and they have developed well in that time. They have a good rock sound, and are clearly influenced by thrash metal, if the vocals are anything to go by. They gave a storming set of their own music which was well received by the crowd.

Excursia are:

Lewis Temby  - Vocals

Sam Hill  - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

A’Dan Shide  - Rhythm Guitar

Callum Fraser - Bass/Backing Vocals

Harry Paulett  - Drums


Second up was Scarsun another reasonably local band. With Letha Curtis on vocals, well supported by her band, they clearly enjoyed performing in front of the friendly Fuel crowd. She has a great rock voice and is very expressive in her delivery. This is a band worth catching if you can.

Scarsun are:

Letha Curtis - Vocals

Matt Hall - Guitar

Aaron Jukes - Guitar

Jim McDonald - Bass

Nathan Buckland - Drums


By the time the stage was reset for Idlewar, Fuel was full. We were anticipating a great set of their unique heavy rock, and that is exactly what we got. The intricacies of their musicianship is a sight to behold. Rick Graham (guitar) delivers their heady, heavy rock with style and finesse, while Pete is an absolutely awesome drummer - playing with an effortless style that is quite mesmerising to watch. The trio delivered track after track of fresh rock - exactly what we had come for. Even a broken string not putting the guys off their stride. James Blake (bass, vocals) chats amiably to the crowd, telling tales of the inspiration to their music, how much they’ve enjoyed their tour, and how they are looking forward to being welcomed back to the UK again. 

After the show, many people stopped for a chat, a photo, or signatures on their CDs - bought by many who were hearing Idlewar for the first time. They are humble guys, truly thankful for the time we spent there and we hope it will not be long before they come back to the UK again.

Idlewar are

James Blake -Bass, Vocals

Rick Graham - Guitar

Pete Pagonis - Drums