Living Colour 24 July Riverside, Newcastle

As the weather hotted up, so did the anticipation of seeing Living Colour on their debut album’s 30 year anniversary tour. the 13 date tour of Europe includes 10 UK dates, 2 of which are major festivals. They are nearing the end of the incredibly successful run when Gig Pigs caught up with the tour in Newcastle - mid way between Ramblin’ Man and Steelhouse Festivals.

Opening up the show was blues guitarist Jared James Nichols. His short 30 minute set kicks off promptly with ‘Last Chance’, giving the early crowd an awesome demonstration of his skilled and passionate playing. The venue is pretty full - with only a handful of tickets left, people have got there early to secure a spot in the hot hall. Even though they were not ‘his’ audience, there was plenty of appreciation and Jared will have gained many new fans. 


The second band of the night was hard rock newcomers Wayward Sons. After 2 years on the scene, they are a band that have already stamped their mark on the music scene. Fronted by Toby Jepson (‘Little Angels’, ’Fastway’) they are a serious force to be reckoned with. They are a ‘no holds barred’ band - Toby does not shy away from expressing his view about the state of the world, and our place in it in his lyrics. They have an energy on stage that is unrivalled by many bands. They manage to connect with each other, and the audience. Sam Wood (guitar) is superb. Plucking his way through the set, he is well on his way to being a guitarist we will still be talking about in 40 years. They have been working hard on a new album - the Truth Ain’t What it Used To Be’ which will be released on 11 October. We were treated to two tracks - ‘Any Other Way’, and the new single ‘The Jokes on You’. I expect the rest of the album will be of a similar standard so get on the pre-order! As usual, they finished their set with ‘Until The End’ before leaving to The band are excited for the future and will be out later in the year supporting Black Star Riders. 


Finally, the band that had filled many venues over the last 30 years came onto the stage amid loud, enthusiastic cheers. Opening up with ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ off their third album, ‘Stain’, they showed the reason why they are still making a success in the music business after over 30 years. back in the day, their stage wear would be garish, colourful outfits. Tonight, they are suited and booted. 

The setlist tonight was, in the main, the whole of their debut album ‘Vivid’, from start to finish which is now 30 years old. Playing the whole album, they displayed a class of rock that does not age. they are supremely talented, and have a strong following. Vernon Reid (guitar) loses himself as he brings life to the music they have become well known for over the years. They have many influences from hip-hop to rock and they have a unique sound. 

On many occasions, Corey Glover (Vocals) stops singing, the band stopped playing, and they let the crowd take over - which they did, with one voice. Gleefully singing the classic tracks flawlessly, and, broadly, in tune. The humbled acknowledgment from the band was visible. All too soon, the album was finished. Playing another couple of tracks they accepted the acclaim from the dedicated audience. Let us hope for new music, and a return to the UK soon.