Hands Off Gretel + Bottlekids + Tribeless

Clwb ifor bach, Cardiff, 21 June 2019

Fridays are good gig nights, especially sunny ones, in Cardiff. Local promoter, Pity My Brain, have brought three bands in a sold out Clwb Ifor Bach for what was a great line-up. 

First band up was Tribeless. A new, young band from South Wales with just a couple of performances under their belt. You wouldn’t know that, though, given the professionalism and skill they displayed. Lydia (vocals) showed some nerves as she waited to start, but they were gone in a flash as she and her bandmates filled the room with their alternative rock music. 

The Clwb was pretty full, considering how early it was. They gave a great performance with a sound that, despite having no bass, still had a fat bottom end. They have some great melodies, and Lydia has a pitch perfect voice as she delivers their well written lyrics to an enthralled audience, many of whom had not heard of Tribeless before, let alone seen them.  When you get the chance, check them out. You will not be disappointed.

Lydia McDonald- Vocals 

Latif Bryant - Guitar 

Max Rhead - Drums


Second on the bill were Bottlekids - a four piece band from Chepstow. Their music if fast and furious, bringing old style punk to Cardiff. By now, the Clwb was packed. Bottlekids have really fast paced music, anti-establishment lyrics, and some pretty bouncy, catchy tunes. They had plenty of energy on stage, and there was some engagement with the crowd.

The headliners have a big following, despite their short time on the scene. They are a great example of what a band can do when they set their minds to it. They draw influences from early punk - particularly female fronted bands. 

There is a certain amount of Lena Lovich, and Debbie Harry in their music and stage act. With her flirty innocence, Lauren Tate (vocals, guitar) holds the audiences attention with her powerful and clear voice as she dances around in her mis-matched socks.

 They are a great mix of grunge, punk and funk and the crowd love it. the Clwb is packed, and even in the tight space, there is still room for a few to form a mini-mosh as the band have them all hooked.

This was yet another night of fine music in Cardiff.



Lauren Tate Vocals and Guitar 

Sean McAvinue - Guitar 

Sam Hobbins - Drums

Becky Baldwin - Bass