Snow patrol - Reworked Tour - cardiff Motorpoint

Snow Patrol have had some pretty major successes in their 25 years together with 8 studio albums under their belts since they formed in 1994. Although there have been some changes in the line-up, the 5 members have been stable since around 2007, when Johnny McDaid joined in a touring role.

After 7 studio albums, it was time to do something a bit different, and reworking some of their extensive back catalogue brought the 2019 album, aptly named ‘Reworked. This tour set out to bring many of the bands tracks back, and give, not just the tracks on the album, but many others, a new lease of life. For those of us who have followed the band for many years, hearing things differently makes them fresh again.

Dispensing with any support act, the band has split their Reworked shows into two halves. The firs is a generally slow paced, casual affair. With Gary Lightbody (Lead Vocals, Guitar) promised the packed Motorpoint that the first half would be quite sedate, but we’d be free to dance and generally have party time after the break.

Lightbody has an easy way with the audience. As he and the band re-tune he has a general chit-chat with the crowd - giving the few hecklers as good as he got and introducing songs with a gentle Irish humour.

the band share the stage with a mini orchestra. Brass, strings and percussion bringing something unique and different to the show and the backing vocals filling the spaces left by the beautifully arranged tracks. With ‘Take Back the City’ finishing up the first half, the band leave the stage to a huge applause.

After a short break, the audience returns suitable refreshed. With the promise of a more up-beat second half, Lightbody tells us to get up and dance if that’s what we want to do. The first song, ’Time Won’t Go Slowly’ starts in the same vein as the earlier tracks, but soon it cranks up a gear to the familiar faster beat that is more familiar to the fans out tonight. the brass and strings give a great addition to the music, and as the aisles filled with dancing and cheering people, the arena is filled with more energy and more atmosphere.

‘Chocolate’ is truly complemented by the addition of the brass and strings and it is great to hear ‘Dark Switch’ played live for the first time. ‘Run’ has even more people on their feet, and helping out with the vocals. As the set list comes to the most poignant track - ‘Set the Fire to the Third Bar’, Miriam Kaufmann steps to the front of the stage. She humbly accepts the praise showered on her by Lightbody for her talent, dedication and hard work in the musical arrangements for the live shows, before taking he place behind the microphone for the duet. Beautifully performed with the prominent string section adding to the ambience in the arena as the audience is enthralled by the loveliest of songs.

After hearing the track that is probably their most well known - ‘Chasing Cars’ - the second half draws to a close with ‘Open Your Eyes’. Again, the audience, enjoying standing and dancing in the all-seated arena, sang along with one voice.

After a short break, the band returned for a well deserved encore of ‘What If This is all the Love You Ever Get’ before ‘Just say Yes’.

Cardiff was the first stop on the 9 date UK ‘Reworked’ tour. There are still several dates to go - if you can - give it a go. they are an excellent live band, and these are fantastic reworks of brilliant tracks. 

Snow Patrol are:

Gary Lightbody - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Jonny Quinn - Drums, percussions

Nathan Connolly - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Paul Wilson - Bass, backing Vocals

Johnny McDaid - Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocal