The Treatment + Bigfoot - Hangar 18 Swansea 23 May 2019


Hangar 18 is becoming a bit of a regular venue for us. This was a gig we had been looking forward to since it was first announced, as both bands are great favourites of ours. The Swansea gig was the second night in an 11 date tour taking in many places around the UK. 

Doors were slightly late opening because of late running sound checks. From what we heard at that point, we could tell we were going to be in for a great night. Despite it being a ‘school night’ pre-sales had been good, and with Swansea basking in the sunshine, a decent crowd was expected to make its way though the doors.

With the venue filling up nicely, Bigfoot bounded on to stage with the enthusiasm we’ve come to know and love. With cheers from the audience, they launched into ‘Tell Me a Lie’ from their self titled album. The 5 piece hard rock band from Wigan have a huge presence on stage. Drawing people in, joking with each other and are clearly a close knit group. At each end of the stage, the guitars of Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh share the solos - each of them stepping out of their dark spots into the light at the front to wow the audience. Vocally, Sean Seabrook has a huge range, and delivers the lyrics with emotion style - hardly stopping as he uses every inch of the stage. Mid point in the set, Mick picks out the intro for ‘Forever Alone’, Sean begins the vocals, and despite a minor technical hitch, they give us a track that has everyone cheering and clapping. It is, without doubt, a highlight of the set. With my favourite track ‘The Fear’ bringing its high huge riffs and vocals, the set is nearly over. As they so often do, the band finish with ‘Uninvited’ and leave the stage to thunderous applause. 

Bigfoot announced a few months ago that they were coming to an end. they have a few festival appearances this summer, and a farewell tour in September, which will, knowing the guys, be fun of high jinks and jokes. Their final South Wales show will be in Bridgend.  Miss them at your peril.

Sean Seabrook - Vocals

Sam Millar - Guitar

Mick McCullagh - Guitar

Matt Avery - Bass

Tom Aspinall - Drums




The Treatment

The headline band are always one for a great night, and as The Treatment’s intro music starts up, the crowd start to move forward in anticipation. With a tour based around their latest album ‘Power Crazy’, they kick off with ‘Hang them High’ and ‘Lets Get Dirty’ which instantly grabs everyone’s attention. 

The venue is hot, and the music does nothing to cool it down as Tag and Tao show their guitar talents to their full. Its hard to tell which of the Grey brothers is the more talented as they flirt with the audience. Swoggle never stops as he stomps back and forth with a bass that seems to be part of him. Tom Rampton (Vocals) has the perfect voice for the classic rock music that is so obviously influenced by the ‘old guard’ bands such as AC/DC, Led Zep and Aerosmith. Together, they are a band which many will agree are the future of British rock. 

Their music is catchy and addictive, with its hard lyrics and choruses. With almost half of the set being from the new album, it was a great show. They managed to fit in some of their older tracks too, as their back catalogue grows longer. They have the talent and backing to go a long way, and they have a growing fan base which expands with every album, and with every tour. The guitar pairing of Tagore and Tao Grey, who feel every note and chord and sing out every word create a magnificent sound and all driven along by the powerhouse Dhani Mansworth on drums.  

As they prepare to perform ‘Luck of the Draw’, Tom mentions their latest music video. You can see it here…..

As their main set ended with ‘Risin Power’, they left the stage to demands for more. Eventually, they returned for two more tracks, taking the show to another level. With an energy that fills the room they round of a great night of rock with ‘Get The Party On’ and, finally ‘Shake the Mountain’. 

The Treatment are a band that give everything to a show and should not be missed. They are at the beginning of a great tour, and we thoroughly recommend getting out to see them. You will not be disappointed.

Tom Rampton - Vocals, 

Tagore Grey - Guitar, 

Tao Grey - Guitar, 

Dhani Mansworth - Drums, 

Rick 'Swoggle' Newman - Bass