Massive wagons + Support - Swansea 13 October 2019

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Swansea is on fire when it comes to live music at the moment. the Patti pavilion hosts yet another great 4 band evening Originally, this weekend had been earmarked for Big Day Productions ‘Communion Festival’ in Pontypridd, until the Council decided to close the venue. Ponty’s loss is definitely Swansea’s gain, as the festival headliner, Massive Wagons kept the date for Wales, and Big Day lined up some cracking bands to support them. With Pete K Mally as MC/Host, it was anticipated to be full of great music, humour and general enjoyment. We were not disappointed.

First on stage were Ravenbreed - a 4 piece from the Newport/Cardiff area. Early arrivals to the venue were excited by the band who picked up a lot of new fans. Over the last few months, they have secured a lot of great support slots and are playing to bigger audiences. As Zoey’s voice fills the hall, people at the bar turn round, and are enthralled by her dramatic style as she oozes confidence with the band perfectly timing their riffs grooves. Once again, they pick up a lot of new fans.

Ravenbreed are:

Zoey Emelia Allen - Vocals

Mikey Watkins - Guitar / Vocals

Ross Formosa - Bass / Vocals

Oli Watkins - Drums

They are followed by Scarlet Rebels who are based just down the road in Llanelli. they have recently released their new album, which is well worth picking up and watching them live is a joy. They entertain the growing crowd with a selection from the new album and some of their older works. They are great to watch and if you see them on a bill, we can thoroughly recommend them. With 3 guitars on stage, they have some serious groove going on and have a presence on stage which many bigger bands would be envious of. Sadly, the set they played at the Patti was their last as a 5 piece. Lee Spencer, one of the two guitarists, has decided to step away from the band. 

Scarlet Rebels are:

Wayne Doyle - Vocals/ Guitar

Gary Doyle - Drums

P - Bass

Chris Jones - Guitar

Josh Townshend - Guitar

Ryders Creed the ‘special guest’ slot. I remember seeing them at Steelhouse in the summer, and was blown away by their performance. They have a definite swagger about them and fully deserve the sponsorships they’ve been able to pick up. It really is good to see such talent in a band, and their groove laden rock is ready to take then to dizzy heights. Their album, released in 2018, was funded by pledge, and has become a must in any rock lovers collection. 

Ryan Antony - Vocals

Lee Spencer - Guitar

Myles Cooper - Guitar

Richard Clark - Bass

Lee Gilbert - Drums

Finally, Massive Wagons hit the stage running. The hall is now pretty busy, although not overcrowded, and Baz leaps onto the stage in his usual exuberant fashion. From that moment, until the end, he barely stops - leading the band through a set which has some changes in it - some tracks that are new, or not normally in a live set. With each song, the crowd join in the words they know, and make up the ones they don’t, just to be part of the experience. It is an infectious atmosphere. Watching the 5 lads from Lancaster, it is easy to see just how much joy they get from playing, and making sure their audience have as good a time as they do. They are a ‘no holds barred’ band musically and vocally. Baz dishes out praise for all the supporting bands, as well as the venue. Unsurprisingly , the crowd demanded an encore, which was delivered, before the show ended. Once again, Big Day Productions, and the Patti Pavilion have delivered what they promised - full on musical entertainment.

Massive Wagons are:

Baz Mills - Vocals

Adam Thistlethwaite - Guitar

Stevie Holl - Guitar

Adam 'Bowz' Bouskill - Bass

Alex Thistlethwaite - Drums